Silkspin Gold Hosting Package
Web Space 55 MB is a lotof space on a Web server. Use databases, images, and even some remote applications. More space available for a reasonable fee.
POP Email Accounts You receive unlimited POP email accounts with the gold package. You even get your own control panel with full control over users, forwards, and auto-responders. A POP account is an email address that you check by signing in as a user.
Email aliases Email aliases are email addresses that are automatically forwarded to a POP account. You can name the alias just about anything you like and the mail will be forwarded to your POP account. You receive unlimited aliases with the gold account.
Your Domain Name You have a domain name with this account. Of course we can't provide you with a domain name that is already taken. We can help you find a suitable name that is open though. We also provide domain registration at no additional cost (you still pay InterNIC for the name though).
Resell Services If you would like to resell our services just drop us a line. We'll set you up with a reseller's account at no extra charge.
Front Page Support Microsoft Front Page support is included in all our packages. Just let us know that you will be using FrontPage and we will set-up the extensions for you.
Secure Server Every package has access to our secure server for credit card processing
UNIX Shell account If you are on one of our UNIX boxes you will have shell access.
CGI/Perl/Image Map Access We have a very extensive CGI collection that you are welcome to use. We have Perl 4 and Perl 5 as well as support for image maps, Shockwave, database connectivity, etc...
Java Of course you can use Java.
Anonymous FTP Site You get your very own anonymous FTP site!
Set-up Fee $10 set-up fee is all... really!
Monthly Fee $35/mnth billed monthly or quarterly, its up to you.
NT (asp) Support You can, if you choose, be hosted on one of our Ultra Fast NT boxes. We run NT 4.0 with IIS 4.0. And have the latest option packs. We also allow access to our Index Server for powerful text searches.


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